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The Provenance of the Tapestry

An English provenance for the Tapestry is indicated by the inscriptions.

As Canterbury was the chief town of Odo‘s earldom, it is likely that the Tapestry was made there.

Additional evidence for this is the fact that where the Tapestry differs from Norman accounts, it appears to follow traditions found in chronicles connected with Canterbury .

Finally, there are similarities with Canterbury manuscripts in the depiction of several scenes. For example, the scene with Odo blessing the meal and a detail of the soldiers seizing food both appear to have been influenced by scenes in manuscripts within the collection held at Canterbury.

Bayeux Tapestry(L)                     Last Supper St Augustine Gospels (R)

Bayeux Tapestry (L)    Prudentius’ Psychomachia St Augustine’s, Canterbury (R)