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What do you know about the Anglo-Saxons?

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This unusual Anglo-Saxon claw beaker was found in an excavation. Where was that excavation?

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This late nineth century silver and niello disc brooch depicts the five senses, with the sense of sight in the centre. Which brooch is it?

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This silver and niello nineth century brooch is decorated with a central hollow-sided cruciform design with a boss at its centre and animal-head terminals. Which brooch is it?

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Excavations in advance of the construction of a new relief road uncovered a burial pit containing over fifty decapitated Vikings. For which town was this relief road?

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This Anglo-Saxon cross bears part of the Old English poem “The Dream of the Rood” carved in runes. Which cross is it?

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This was the site of a famous battle between the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings. Where is it?

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This manuscript has a ninth-century inscription added in the upper and lower margin of this page tells how it had once been stolen by Vikings and then ransomed by an Anglo-Saxon ealdorman and his wife. Which manuscript is it?

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This 9th century stone sculpture shows warriors attacking with Viking-style swords and battle axes. Where is this stone?

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A study carried out on this cave shows evidence of it having been used as a hermitage by the Deposed Ninth-Century King Eardwulf of Northumbria. Where is it?

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This Anglo-Saxon porticus arch has an inscription in Old English which reads: HER SǷUTELAÐ SEO GECǷUDRÆDNES ÐE (Here is manifested the Covenant unto thee). In which church is this inscription?

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