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The Anglo-Saxon features are as follows:

West Tower of two stages and western angle of nave.

The fabric of the tower is of roughly squared small blocks of Barnack stone with larger pieces more carefully dressed for facings and quoins.

The tower contains the following features:

Round-headed door with strip-work.
Round-headed north and south windows -elaborate frames.
Triangular-headed window with strip-work.
Projecting beat’s head over west window.
Three stone slabs on south, west and north with carving of birds, vines and acanthus leaves.
Triangular-headed north and south belfry openings with carved
Triangular-headed east and west belfry openings with mid-wall slabs carved with four slots.

The interior contains the following features:

Tower arch
Triangular-headed seat or recess in west wall of tower.
Aumbries in north and south wall near the tower arch.
Interior face of south doorway now partially blocked by turret stairway,
Three clerestory windows.

The Tower from the South-West
image: David Beard
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Transsenna and Sculpture in South Face of Tower
image: David Beard

The South Doorway of the Tower
image: David Beard