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Chisbury- the 10th burh to be cited in the Burghal Hidage

Kingdom Type of Burh No. of Hides O.S. Grid Ref
Wessex Burghal Fort 700 SU27916598


O.S. Map 1:50,000 – licence: Anquet Maps
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Aerial Photograph – licence: Memory Map

Burhs in order of citation

Chisbury reuses the site of an Iron Age hillfort. The majority of the defences survive except to the east where they have been disturbed by the manor house.

Jeremy Haslam has suggested that some of the small forts listed in the Burghal Hidage may have been temporary structures that were replaced by larger sites (see here). Haslam suggests that Chisbury was replaced probably by Marlborough.

3d Model – licence: Memory Map

The Burghal Defences
image: David Beard

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