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Bridport – the 14th burh to be cited in the Burghal Hidage

Kingdom Type of Burh No. of Hides O.S. Grid Ref
Wessex Burghal Town 760 SY46599258

The Burghal Hidage lists Brydian (or Bredy) to which belonged 760hides (ie a wall length of 3,315 feet). The hillfort of Old Warrenin Little Bredy parish (SY 58 NE 20) has been identified as the siteof Brydian, in which Bridport was the `port belonging to Bredy’.Alternatively, Bridport was Brydian Burh. Field work and documentaryevidence indicate the existence of a town ditch enclosing the Saxontown by cutting off the peninsula…
Penn believes that the evidence for Bridport being the burh is strong, since it is the lowest bridging point on the River Brit, and the topography of the town lends itself to such an origin. he suggests that at least the East side was defended where the ground slopes to the Asker.

Text from Historic England Research Records: Brydian

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